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European Hypermarket / Supermarket Chains

This list is up to date at the start of 2009. If you come across any web sites for Hypermarket / Supermarkets not covered then please e-mail us and we will update this page.

Hypermarket Chain


Home Country + Owner


Albert Heijn Supermarket Netherlands - Ahold
Albert Supermarket Czech Rep - Ahold
Aldi Discount Store Germany - Private
Alfa Beta Supermarket Greece - Delhaize
ASDA Supermarket UK - Wal Mart
ATAC Supermarket F - Auchan + Affiliates
Auchan Hypermarket F - Private + La Rinasacente
Billa Supermarket Austria - REWE
Bim Supermarket / Hyp Turkey- Bim
Brugsen Cooperatives DK -
Carrefour Hypermarket France - SA + Affiliates
Casino Hypermarket France- SA + Affiliates
CBA Supertmarket Hungary
Champion Supermarket France - Carrefour
Colruyt Discount Belgium - NV/SA
Conad Small Supermarket Italy - Cooperatives
Coop Supermarket Switzerland
Coop Supermarket UK - Cooperatives
Coop Obs! Hypermarket Norway / Sweden/ Denmark
Cora Hypermarket Belgium - Cora SA
Crai Small Supermarket Italy - Independent
Delhaize / Delvita Supermarket Belgium - SA + Affiliates
Dia Supermarket Greece / Spain - Carrefour
Dunnes Supermarket Ireland - private
Ed Discount France - Carrefour
Edah Small Supermarket Germany - Laurus + Affiliates
Edeka Small Supermarket Germany - Independent
E Leclerc Hypermarket France - Independent
Esselunga Supermarket Italy - SpA
Extra Supermarket Germany - Metro
Franprix Small Supermarket France - Casino
GB Supermarket Belgium - Carrefour
Geant Hypermarket France Poland
GS Supermarket Italy - Carrefour + Benneton
Hypernova Hypermarket Czech Rep - Ahold
ICA Supermarket Sweden - Ahold + Independents
Intermarche Supermarket France - Independent
K Citymarkets Hypermarket Finland - Kesko
K supermarket Small Supermarket Finland - Kesko
Kaiser Supermarket Germany - Tengelmann
Kaufland Hypermarket Germany
Leader Price Discounter France - Casino
Lidl Discount Germany -Private
LocalBrugsen Supermarket Denmark-Coop
Match Supermarket Belgium / France / Lux Delhaize
Marks & Spencer Variety UK - PLC
Maxima Supermarket Baltics - VP Market
Mercado Supermarket Spain
Mega Image Supermarkets Romania - Delhaize
Metro Cash and carrry Germany - Metro
Migros Hypermarket Switzerland
Migros Supermarket Turkey - Migros Turk BC Partners
Minimal Supermarket Germany - Rewe
Monoprix Variety France - Galeries Lafayette + Casino
Morisson Supermarket UK - PLC
Netto Discount Denmark - Dansk Supermarked
Plus Discount Germany - Edeka + Tengelmann
Penny Discount Germany - Rewe
Profi Supermarket Romania - Delhaize
Pryca Hypermarket Spain - Carrefour
Ramstore Hypermarket Russia - Migros Turk
Rewe Small Supermarket Germany - Independent
Real Hypermarket Germany - Metro
RIMI Supermarket /Hyp Baltics - ICA Baltic + Kesko Food
Sainsbury's Supermarket UK - PLC
Schuitema Supermarket NL - Ahold
Sherpa Supermarket France
Shopi Supermarket France - Carrefour
SMA Supermarket Italy - Auchan + La Rinasacente
Somerfield Supermarket UK - PLC
Spar Variety Netherlands - Diverse
Sok Supermarket Turkey - Migro Turk TAS
STOC Supermarket France - Carrefour
SuperBrugsen Supermarket Denmark-Coop
SuperValu Supertmarket Ireland
Tengleman Supermarket Germany
Tesco Supermarket UK - PLC
U Variety France - Independent
Waitrose Supermarket UK - John Lewis Partnership
Zieilpunkt Supermarket Austria - Tengelmann
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