Budget Hotels

Let's start with budget hotel chains. The cheapest hotel chains are rated One Star (Superbudget Hotels) or in some cases are not graded, like the 0 Star Hotel in a Swiss Nuclear bunker. France is particularly well served with Superbudget hotel chains and also has some of the most competitively priced rooms. Using a budget chain is one of the best ways of finding a cheap hotel in Europe. Over the last few years budget airline pricing has entered the hotel business, so that the best deals are those booked in advance. Do your research, sign up to e-mail newsletters and you can get a room at a very low rate.

This list is of hotels that can be booked for superbudget prices, in that rooms are sold at prices starting below 40 euros per night. A new budget page has been added to the site. The new page includes hotels with prices starting at between 40 and 60 euros per night. Virtually all chains now have an Internet presence. Budget hotel sites enable on line reservations as well as providing comprehensive information on facilities, location maps, directions and sometimes, brochure request. All of the hotels now have colour TV's (some have moved over to LCD screens), so we have replaced that column with Wireless Internet. Today WiFi is also offered in many of these hotels. Sometimes it is offered free, strangely enough, more often in the budget chains than in Luxury hotels. Other times through a subscription service.

The next project will be to revise the hotel section of this site. This will enable easier comparison of accommodation prices. A difficult task in times of dynamic pricing, when the price offered is related to the time of booking. Comparison sites are no substitutes for booking in advance, but it is important to be notified of the release of the latest tranche of cheap rooms. Sites like HotelsCombined* now make comparing prices at a given booking time relatively simple.

Map of budget hotel locations in France.
F1 Hotel
HotelF1 Hotel

Late Booking

Having just explained that the best deals are reserved for those booking in advance, what do you do if you have to go away at short notice? Well all is not lost as there are a number of late booking sites specialising in late booking deals. One of my favourites being LateRooms. In some cases, I have stayed at character filled, luxury hotels for the same price as a budget hotel. For more information look up the Late Booking page.


Hostels are even cheaper. Eurapart now can offer hostels throughout Europe through HostelWorld.com. More and more families are staying in hostels as they now offer family rooms. I have even stayed in some that offer double and single rooms. HostelWorld also offers some excellent budget hotel options alongside the to be expected hostel accommodation.

Budget Hotel Chains
Click hotel for further details Price
European Countries Room Capacity En Suite WC En Suite Shower TV WiFi
Travelodge(02/13) €10-€120 UK, IRL, ES 1-4 Yes Yes Yes Charged
€24-€61 F,B,D,A,ES,GB,CH,NL, L, PL 1- 3 Yes Yes Yes Free + Charged
Metro Inns (02/13) From £25
UK 1-3 X X Yes Free
€19 - €40 F,B,D,GB,ES,CH,NL 1 - 3 X X Yes Free
Quick Palace (03/12) €36-€62 F 1 - 4 Yes Yes Yes Free
Mister Bed (03/12) €29-€52 F 1 - 4 Yes Yes Yes Free
Premier Inn (03/12) €32-TBC UK 1-4 Yes Yes Yes Charged
Inn Keepers Lodge (03/12) €30-TBC UK 1-4 Yes Yes Yes TBC
€32-€70 F 1- 3 Yes Yes Yes Free
Balladins (03/12)
€41-€50+ F, B, D 1 - 2 Yes Yes Yes TBC
Premiere Classe (03/12)
€29 -€52 F,B,NL,PL 1 - 3 Yes Yes Yes Free
€39-€78  F,D 1 - 4 Yes Yes Yes Free
Sidorme Hotels (03/12) €39 -€2 ES 1-4 Yes Yes Yes Free
€37-€ 92 F 1 - 3 Yes Yes Yes TBC
Days Inn(03/12) From €30
UK, IRL 1-4 Yes Yes Yes Free
€39-€68 F 1 - 3 Yes Yes Yes Free